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Eat & Drink } أكل و شرب Dessert } تحلايه


Eat & Drink – Dessert } تحلايه

Artistry of Jam: Q&A with Namliyeh

As part of our aim to support local businesses, products and startups - we'd like to introduce you to Namliyeh & share this interview with them to help you understand the concept and how it came to life.

Go Local, Support Local

Published in Vivmag March 2014 -  Photos by Mukhtar Al Zayed

Manal Abushmais and Aya Shaban, founders of Namliyeh, the jam maker, talked to VIVMAG about renovating the lovely shop in Weibdeh, using natural ingredients and supporting
local farmers.


Four Winters

Everyone was wondering what Four Winters was when the sign went up in Abdoun.

We got even more curious when we saw large aluminum containers getting carried into the store.

It turns out Amman just got a new ice cream shop! Smooth, creamy and delicious – made using liquid nitrogen... so thats what the containers were about!



The Stickhouse franchise comes to Amman! This unique ice cream spot serves creamy gelato and sorbet on a stick, in a 100 different natural flavors, made with real fruit with no additives or preservatives.


Caramelt - Caramels & Toffee

Caramelt's homemade caramels & toffee have been the talk of the town the past few months!