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Eat & Drink – Food } اكل

Owning the lunch experience.. Kitchenette

Owning the lunch experience..

By Basem A. Aggad, Kitchenette managing partner

Since I took the decision to leave my career in the telecommunication industry back in 2010 and pursue my own business aspirations; I’ve been jumping hoops of what I would otherwise  describe as “accidental involvement” in other people dreams.. Nothing more illustrative of this than the story of Kitchenette, I’ll hold that thought for now; as things began a year earlier before I got involved.


Shams al Balad Café

Shams El Balad is a new cafe that breaks the mold of the typical Ammani café by celebrating healthy, local and delicious food and drink. This café celebrates all things local; craft, produce and culture. They are one of the only farm to table outlets in Amman, integrated into a co-working and exhibition space.


The Family Run Kitchen: Joz Hind } مطبخ جوز هند

A small, family-run kitchen in the heart of Jabal Al Lweibdeh, “Joz Hind” is run by Italian cook Luca and his Jordanian wife Hind. “Joz Hind” believes in socially-responsible and healthy food. We are a local initiative rooted in our neighborhood and will offer fresh food daily for lunch and dinner.


Karmah's Kitchen Goes Local!

A new spot opens up in town!

Karmah's Kitchen originally began as a delivery service out of TasmeemME's offices in 2011.
It slowly grew in size and now opened up a physical location in Wadi Abdoun.


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