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About BeAmman

It gives us a great deal of pleasure to welcome you to, a  site that was borne out of a love and passion for our city, and our desire to present Jordanians and visitors with all that Amman has to offer - from people to meet, places to see and things to do, to the challenges and opportunities that exist in the city.

BeAmman encourages people to explore Amman, write about it, take photos, address issues of concern, and express their opinions about realities and developments in the city. In that sense, BeAmman is also a platform for creativity, citizen reporting and urban activism.

BeAmman was launched on July 5th 2011 by its founders, Luma Qadoumi, Raghda Butros and Ruba Nazer, and its growth since then has been quite remarkable. The numbers of contributors, readers and followers has grown exponentially, and this growth is on a steady incline. This indicates to us that our initial prognosis was correct - Amman and its people need an open, collaborative, creative and inclusive space to express all Amman is, and all that it can be.

We welcome all contributions, ideas, and suggestions, and believe that the site belongs to you, our readers and followers.