Dimitri's Coffee

06 June 2016

Have you paid a visit to Jordan's new specialty coffee roasters?

Dimitri's Coffee has opened up and is quickly winning the hearts of coffee lovers!

We asked them to tell us about themselves and this is what they had to say:


10 facts about Dimitri's - 

1. We are the first specialty coffee roasters in Jordan.

2. We are a Voting member at SCAA - The Specialty Coffee Association of America. The first member in Jordan.

3. We use one cup tools to assure each cup is handcrafted and personalized for each customer.

4. Our staff is a well trained and they are experts in using our special tools like (Siphon, Drippers, Chemex, Cleaver, Aeropress and Frenchpress).

5. Our packaging materials for coffee bags are specially made with four layers to maintain the quality of our beans, all bag have a one way valve which allows CO2 gases to be realsed and keep the beans fresh.

6. Water system at Dimitri’s coffee house is a special & unique one, the water filtration system we use is specially customized to provide the highest control over the water used to prepare our coffee drinks according to the standards of the SCAA -
The Specialty Coffee Association of America - protocols.

7. We roast in small batches to deliver the freshest specialty coffee in Jordan; every day!

8. Our work is based on science - ( we are pharmacists )

9. We use scales and timers to ensure our coffee taste and flavour is consistent. 

10. Our Roasting Machine : We built the roasting machine here in Jordan, it’s customized for Dimitri's to follow the standards of roasting “Specialty coffee beans”, we equipped our roaster with the highest digital technology from The United States of America to control every step of the roasting process.


Location: Near Mojama' Jaber - off Mecca Street
Tel: 0799669001
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dimitriscoffee/