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On the Street - People } ناس

The People of Jordan’s Bustling Jabal El LWeibdeh } وجوه من جبل اللويبده

Written by Sami Haven -


In the past several years, the Ammani neighborhood of Jabal Al Weibdeh has become a center for the city’s flourishing art and culture scene. With outlets like Darat Al Funun, which hosts a variety of art exhibitions from artists around the region in addition to foreign and short Arab films, and a smorgasbord of quaint cafes and eateries, the neighborhood is teeming with life. We went around the neighborhood and asked people what their favorite part of the area is.



عريضة "معاً نصل" للمطالبة بنقل عام منظم، آمن وعادل في عمّان والأردن

ان الوقت لنرفع صوتنا معاً ونطالب بنقل عام آمن ومنظم. ساهم معنا في توقيع عريضة حملة "معاً نصل" التي سيتم تسليمها لأمين عمّان عقل بلتاجي يوم الخميس المقبل بعد مسيرة بالأقدام وعلى الدراجات الهوائية بمناسبة أسبوع التحرك المناخي العالمي.

حملة "معاً نصل" هي  منصة مفتوحة لكل مؤسسات المجتمع المدني والمؤسسات الأكاديمية والداعمين من القطاع الخاص وكل المواطنات والمواطنين الأردنيين، والشركاء الرئيسون فيها هم: منصة"تقدَّم" وتلفزيون رؤيا ومبادرة "تحّول" ومركز دراسات البيئة المبنية.



Talents of Amman: Forkit

Forkit is an initiative to create awareness about food security programs in Jordan and raise donations.

With every purchase of a Forkit, you help feed a person in need, as profits from the sale are donated to an NGO or charity that helps combat hunger in Jordan!


World Records in Jordan

Published by: by Kameel Kishik

1- Largest falafel in the world

If you're going to break a world record, then why not do it by cooking up a 130 cm diameter of something we (well, most of us) enjoy eating? The famous Middle Eastern snack was prepared by 10 chefs all working at the Landmark hotel in Amman on 28th of July 2012. This falafel weighed 74.75 kg, which undoubtedly qualified it to be recorded in the official Guinness World Records.


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