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How To Bike To Work In Amman

Written by: Nart Pshegubj / twitter: @pshegubj


Why to Do It?

Daring or crazy? It does not matter. A couple of weeks ago I went to work on a bicycle, it took me 30 minutes to get my destination and I arrived in good shape. Using a bicycle for transportation saves money, keeps you fit and helps the environment. For a start, you could think of doing it on casual Thursdays.


To The City of Amman: The Lit Sidewalks of the city

Written by: Murad Abu-Eisheh on

The views expressed by writer are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of BeAmman


To The City Of Amman,

A sentence you find on almost every roundabout in Amman or at least in the western part of Amman. Every day passing through one of them and I think, is it really to the city of Amman? Who decided that this project that I like to call 'Tron Legacy' city lights theme qualifies as a gift for our city? If anything it is plain useless and does not serve any function whatsoever but advertising the companies that did it, we already had a sidewalk that served its purpose as being a sidewalk, why do we need a one that lights up? I find it absurd that a marketing department in one of our great companies pulled a project like this and I find it even more absurd that a dozen other companies copied the idea!


مدفع رمضان بعمان

القوات المسلحة تقوم بضرب مدفع رمضان طيلة الشهر الفضيل

تم تصوير المدفع في  حدائق الحسين - عمان



Abdali Boulevard Opens!

Finally! The Abdali Boulevard was officially opened yesterday.

Although the boulevard shops and restaurants have not opened yet, this inaugurations should give the pedestrian spine a good push for retailers to open up.


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