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On the Street } الشارع Places } أماكن


On the Street - Places } أماكن

مدفع رمضان بعمان

القوات المسلحة تقوم بضرب مدفع رمضان طيلة الشهر الفضيل

تم تصوير المدفع في  حدائق الحسين - عمان



Abdali Boulevard Opens!

Finally! The Abdali Boulevard was officially opened yesterday.

Although the boulevard shops and restaurants have not opened yet, this inaugurations should give the pedestrian spine a good push for retailers to open up.


Wakalat Street 2014 } شارع الوكالات ٢٠١٤

By: Sabri Hakim

For over 5 years I worked next to Wakalaat Street. I made use of it for power walks, quick Starbucks meetings, Haloum at Ward Ou Kabab and occasionally from New Man, a shirt as colorful as the street it laid on.

Wakalaat is like a 60 year old with endless facelifts. As a citizen experiencing it first hand, it felt like a meal, prepared by 12 chefs, who all had different definitions for sweet and sour.

Anyways, it's no longer a pedestrian only street, here is a shoot of its latest construction, I tried to capture the sense of loss I felt when I walked there.


خبر: تأهيل شارع الوكالات بـ200 ألف دينار


Art for All - Amman } الفن للجميع - عمان

"ArtForAll is a non-profit project aims to create a nicer world, by bringing artists from around the world to paint street walls for unprivileged communities, to enhance tourism and economy.

Here a short explanation how we start these projects. Before we start we first look for an area in a town or city needing an injection of color and culture. Then we invite artists from all over the world, who together transform the area in two weeks. The local population also participate in the painting of the murals and, in this way, local talent is discovered. When finished, the “open air museums” serve to attract tourists and, consequently, new businesses are created in the area generating income for the local population, while at the same time heightening public awareness about a certain topic."


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