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On the Street } الشارع Places } أماكن


On the Street - Places } أماكن

A Ride Around Downtown } لف البلد بربع دينار

قامت الأمانة يوم الأربعاء بإطلاق الخدمة المكوكية في منطقة وسط البلد عبر حافلات من الشركة المتكاملة وذلك تحت شعار "لف البلد بربع دينار"  



How To Bike To Work In Amman

Written by: Nart Pshegubj / twitter: @pshegubj


Why to Do It?

Daring or crazy? It does not matter. A couple of weeks ago I went to work on a bicycle, it took me 30 minutes to get my destination and I arrived in good shape. Using a bicycle for transportation saves money, keeps you fit and helps the environment. For a start, you could think of doing it on casual Thursdays.


To The City of Amman: The Lit Sidewalks of the city

Written by: Murad Abu-Eisheh on

The views expressed by writer are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of BeAmman


To The City Of Amman,

A sentence you find on almost every roundabout in Amman or at least in the western part of Amman. Every day passing through one of them and I think, is it really to the city of Amman? Who decided that this project that I like to call 'Tron Legacy' city lights theme qualifies as a gift for our city? If anything it is plain useless and does not serve any function whatsoever but advertising the companies that did it, we already had a sidewalk that served its purpose as being a sidewalk, why do we need a one that lights up? I find it absurd that a marketing department in one of our great companies pulled a project like this and I find it even more absurd that a dozen other companies copied the idea!


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