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Jordan's Local bands } الموسيقيين والفرق الموسيقية المحلية

As part of the new ‘Go Local, Support local’ initiative - we asked you who your favorite local musicians are.

Here are the most mentioned artists – Who are your favorite local musicians or bands?

Support local musicians by buying their music, requesting their songs on local radio stations and going to their concerts!

Buy their CDs @ Jo-Bedu (Abdoun or Jabal Al Luweibdeh branch) or search for them on iTunes

Check out our calendar frequently to find out where and when the next concert is.


El Morabba3

‫" المربّع هو أربع زوايا اساسية احداها هو صوت محمّد عبد الله و كلماته الناقدة و أخرى هي نبرة طارق أبو كويك و كلماته الباحثة عن الأمل أمّا عدي شواقفة فزاويته مسؤولة عن خلق الأصوات البعيدة و القريبة التي تملأ الفراغ بين الكلمات و أخيرا الزاوية المكمّلة للمربّع هي ايقاعات ضرار شواقفة التي تحمل الكلمات و الألحان و الأصوات و تضيف لحنا ايقاعيا عليها......‬
".‫لذا فان المربّع هو نافذة نرى من خلالها أشياء نريد ‬التعبير عنها..يمكنكم التخيّل ماذا نرى في هذا الجزء من العالم..

"El Morabba3 is a combination of 4 angles in which one of them holds Muhammad Abdullah's voice and lyrics the other contains Tareq Abu Kwiak's voice and lyrics, then comes Odai Shawagfeh's ambient guitar sounds that fill the air around the words and finally Dirar Shawagfeh's melodic grooves that carry everything out.. El Morabba3 to us is the window in which we see things we want to express...being from a region that had seen alot of occupation (still does) you can imagine what we see."

Check out their music: or on youtube by searching for El Morabba3



“Autostrad a Jordanian world latin-reggae-funk-rock band formed in 2007, founded by

Avo Demerjian - Bass guitar & Vocal // Bashar Hamdan - Saxophone & Keys // Hamzeh Arnaout – Guitar & Vocal // Burhan Al Ali - Drums & Vocal // Wisam Qatawneh – Keyboard & Vocal // Yazan AlRousan – Guitar & Main Vocal

On a local level, singing with the Jordanian local slang, they aim at introducing a new genre to the music scene in addition to the only existing one- the Traditional Song.
Autostrad invests in the diversity of its group members to produce rich music that goes beyond the language, place, and individuality barriers.
The group members’ collective experiences are present in Autostrad original tunes and expressive lyrics.
Their first albums ”Fe Autostrad” & “Autostrad 2011” gained a wide fan base among the Jordanian youth because it innovatively corresponds to our daily life.
The album’s songs are a mix of world tunes and the lyrics are derived from the everyday life of Jordan, Love, financial challenges, and drug abuse are among the topics the group tackles in their music. Autostrad popularity is growing among the Jordanians and regional fans.
Autostrad, based in Amman, strives to reach humans with their happy music and to leave a legacy on the planet.”

Check out their music: or


Jadal Band

“Jadal is an Arabic Rock Band, Formed by Mahmoud Radaideh Composer/Guitarist/Music Producer in 2003 Amman-Jordan.
Jadal are one of the first Arabic rock bands in the region, starting their journey by grabbing listener’s attention with their cover “Kol Ma Gool Al-Tobah” for the legendary Egyptian artist Abdel Halim Hafez in Jadal’s Arabic Rock style. They then introduced their fans to their hit song “Salma” composed and written by Mahmoud Radaideh which created a great following in Jordan
Jadal are known for their lively performances. Jadal’s music breaks boundaries, challenges the music scene. Their diverse fans, both rock and Arabic music fans, prove that music isn’t biased to language or background.
“Arabic Rocks” is the first album for JadaL released in August 2009 contains 14 songs with JadaL’s Arabic Rock Style."

"جدل هي فرقة موسيقى “الروك عربي” الأردنية قام محمود الردايدة (مؤلف موسيقي، عازف جيتار و منتج موسيقي) بتشكيلها في عام 2003
تعد جدل من أولى فرق الروك العربي في المنطقة، حيث بدأت طريقها باعادة توزيع أغنية “كل ما أقول التوبة” للفنان الراحل عبد الحليم حافظ وذلك بأسلوب الروك الخاص بفرقة جدل
وكانت هذه الخطوة بمثابة جذب المستمعين لأسلوب الروك العربي المبتكر. قامت الفرقة باصدار عدة أغنيات منفردة منها أغنية “سلمى” من تأليف وكلمات محمود الردايدة والتي حققت نجاحاً باهراً في الأردن.
تميزت فرقة جدل من خلال عروضها الحية. التي حطمت كافة الحدود والتحديات حيث جمعت بين عشاق الموسيقى العربية وموسيقى الروك وأثبتت أن الموسيقى لا تعتمد فقط على اللغة أو اللهجة أو الخلفية الثقافية، بل على جمالية الموسيقى المؤداة وصدق كلماتها
.قامت فرقة جدل مؤخراً باصدار ألبومها الأول “Arabic Rocks ” يتكون الألبوم من 14 أغنية بأسلوب الروك العربي الخاص بفرقة جدل"

Check out their music: or


Aziz Maraka


Aziz Marak completed his Bachelor studies in Music Composition & started his career in music. His music is Razz which is a mixture of Rock, Arabic and Jazz music – he says “ It is hard to understand this genre if you haven’t heard it. It has the energy from rock, but it is still pure Jordanian thoughts and Arabic tunes. The Jazz smooths it out a little, so you get Razz.

Check out Aziz’s music:


Akher Zapher

“AkherZapheer plays Arabic Rock, where tunes are hybrid of their main influences(Nirvana,RadioHead,Muse,APC,Pearl Jam and Placebo, and others).
Songs are written by the band itself, where lyrics are in arabic.”

Check out their music:


Zade Dirani

“Zade Dirani is a twenty-six year old Jordanian composer and pianist passionate about playing his compositions that blend Eastern Arabic scales with Western contemporary influences. Dedicated to using his music to bring people together”

Check out Zade’s music:



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