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Traxn launches with Zain, call for applications now open for Jordanian startups

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In the past few years, MENA startups and corporations kept their distance, holding on to the assumption that corporates are too traditional for startups’ taste, and startups are not serious enough for corporates. Earlier this year however and while the entrepreneurship ecosystem started to mature as a whole we started to see a natural rapprochement. Corporates see benefits from fast moving innovative startups and startups see big opportunities in partnering with larger companies to scale their reach.


#Instagram Stories ~ Week 1 Winners

By Project Pen

#Instagram stories has been so wonderful for us, our friends and sponsors.

Thank you to everyone who voted! To those who voted for their friends - that was naughty! Your votes were considered. But ability was the key!

A new voting system will be in place next week ;)

If you haven’t written a story on #Instagram yet please do! Here are the competition rules.

And here are this weeks winners!

Week 1 Winner: A Book from Widescreen Fun Library!!!


@salhad  ~ The Shoes You Wish You Had.


مسرحيات رمضان بعمان - ٢٠١٤

مسرحيات رمضان بعمان - ٢٠١٤


مسرحية وطن إف إم
فندق كراون بلازا


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