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See & Do } إقضي وقتك Historic & Cultural } ثقافة و أثار


See & do - Historic & Cultural } ثقافة و آثار

Widad Kawar - Every Dress Tells A Story

As posted on by Sami Haven

Her dress collection has traveled to museums in Germany, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, and other parts of the world, but Widad Kawar never imagined that her project would go this far. Her idea was simply to conserve all these historical fabrics through wars and migrations.


Galleries of Jordan by Q0DE


Q0DE.COM is an art interface connecting artists, collectors and buyers to contemporary art in the Middle East.


The Jordan Museum

Written by Sarah Crosswell -  6/23/13

The Jordan Museum boasts a wonderful energy, reflecting that of its Jordanian culture. Filled with distinctly unique and interesting cultural pieces, the Jordan Museum does not have an air of detachment which most other museums often strive to uphold, and is thus a much-desired relief for individuals who frequent exhibitions. On the contrary, it is one of the more warm and engaging spaces one can visit – within reason, of course, as it still does its job of protecting and preserving these important cultural items.


Zikra Initiative: Building Homes Campaign / مبادرة ذكرى: الأمن السكني

معا" لنوفر الأمن السكني لعائلات لطالما وفرت لنا الأمن الغذائي

قلة من يعلمون أن الغور يعتبر سلة الغذاء الاردنية ..واهالي الغور هم الذين يزرعون ويحصدون لاجل استدامة زراعية و انتاج غذائي يستفيد منه كل مواطن
يسعدنا في جمعية مبادرة ذكرى الاعلان عن اطلاق حملتنا الجديدة والتي تسعى الى تـأمين سكن لعائلات من غور المزرعة عن طريق مساهمة كل الأردنيين في الحملة.


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