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See & Do } إقضي وقتك Stores & Shopping } تسوق


See & Do - Stores & Shopping } تسوق

Ola's Garden

Ola is a young woman whose nimble fingers create a garden of colors, shapes and ideas, a little corner of dreams in the heart of Amman. You can not miss stopping at her workshop that enlivens one of the oldest streets of the capital, as a rose blooms between stone walls.

Ola named her shop Ola's Garden and invites you to take a look inside.


5 Books We Recommend (AR) } خمس كتب ننصح بقراءتها - حزيران

سألنا أبجد.كوم (و هو أول شبكة عربيّة للقرّاء لتبادل الأراء و التوصيات عن الكتب) عن التي ينصح قرّاء أبجد بها..
إذا كنت تبحث عن كتب عربيّة لتضيفها الى قائمة قراءاتك.. إبدأ من هنا:


1- أساطير رجل الثلاثاء


Atique Antique Store } عتيق

Tucked into a cosy Jabal Al Lweibdeh is Atique (arabic for antique) - an adorable antique store that sells vintage and old collectibles that are rare, memorable and in great condition.

Antiques are treasures - they sell, buy and fix old Radios, gramophone, phonographs, cameras, sewing machines & more...


Meet The Artists @ Sararash Gallery

Sararash Art Gallery opened up in Jabal Amman - The gallery is owned by Sahad Dawood, an artist who studied interior and graphic design at Amman Al-Ahliyeh University 2008.
In 2009 Shahad decided to open up her own space & started painting. She rented a very small space in Swefieh to be able to paint & give art classes to kids.
In February 2013 Shahad decided to grow and rent a bigger space. She moved her studio to Jabal Amman, the space was bigger and in a high traffic area, the new space gave her the chance to display her art work and invite other artists to exhibit their art pieces as well. 


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