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Limited Addition: Handmade Local Stationery

As published in VIVMAG October 2014 edition

Through the integration of Arabic tradition and natural elements Limited Addition’s carefully handcrafted paper products remain abidingly stylish and ingenious in today’s computer dominated design world. Customized stationery items including gift boxes, wrapping paper, photo albums and greeting cards come in an array of vibrant standout colors or soothing pastels shades. Limited Addition’s unique offering reflects our Arabic heritage with a fresh modern feel. Inspired by Arabic calligraphy, Islamic art and the true essence of nature’s raw beauty, Andrea Atalla, the co-founder and chief designer at Limited Addition, has worked diligently to enhance and expand the company’s products and services since it was established in 1999. Maintaining a true appreciation and love for intricate handwork, Andrea’s creative touch and eye for beauty is what has led to success and a long list of customers. With a background in fine arts, Andrea gained extensive experience from starting one of Jordan’s first graphic design companies in 1992. This pioneering, full-service design and publication agency gave Andrea the opportunity to work with prominent clients and wonderful projects. It also afforded her the flexibility and time to experiment on her own and create elegant hand painted and handmade designs. 


Yislamoo Greeting Cards

"Yislamoo" is an elaborate way of saying thank you in Arabic. It translates to a prayer: “may you be safe from harm”, which is the individual’s way of returning the favor or gift on spot.

Yislamoo is a local greeting card startup that aims to celebrate the Arabic culture, heritage and language through using local lingo and funny sayings.


Talents of Amman: Madaline Marrar

We stumbled upon this great local artist, meet Madaline Marrar who paints on wooden bowls made by men and women with special needs. These are great for gifts, and you can personalize them too!


Ola's Garden

Ola is a young woman whose nimble fingers create a garden of colors, shapes and ideas, a little corner of dreams in the heart of Amman. You can not miss stopping at her workshop that enlivens one of the oldest streets of the capital, as a rose blooms between stone walls.

Ola named her shop Ola's Garden and invites you to take a look inside.


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