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Talents of Amman: Madaline Marrar

We stumbled upon this great local artist, meet Madaline Marrar who paints on wooden bowls made by men and women with special needs. These are great for gifts, and you can personalize them too!


Ola's Garden

Ola is a young woman whose nimble fingers create a garden of colors, shapes and ideas, a little corner of dreams in the heart of Amman. You can not miss stopping at her workshop that enlivens one of the oldest streets of the capital, as a rose blooms between stone walls.

Ola named her shop Ola's Garden and invites you to take a look inside.


5 Books We Recommend (AR) } خمس كتب ننصح بقراءتها - حزيران

سألنا أبجد.كوم (و هو أول شبكة عربيّة للقرّاء لتبادل الأراء و التوصيات عن الكتب) عن التي ينصح قرّاء أبجد بها..
إذا كنت تبحث عن كتب عربيّة لتضيفها الى قائمة قراءاتك.. إبدأ من هنا:


1- أساطير رجل الثلاثاء


Atique Antique Store } عتيق

Tucked into a cosy Jabal Al Lweibdeh is Atique (arabic for antique) - an adorable antique store that sells vintage and old collectibles that are rare, memorable and in great condition.

Antiques are treasures - they sell, buy and fix old Radios, gramophone, phonographs, cameras, sewing machines & more...


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